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Welcome to Cincinnati

Did you recently move into the Cincinnati metropolitan area? 
We would love to come and help you affix the mezuzah in proper placing or you can come pick up,, whatever their preference and COVID-19 protocol.

Do you know any individuals and families that have recently moved to Cincinnati?

If so, please send contact info so that we can welcome them to the community,

and arrange for Rabbi Mangel to bring them a complimentary Mezuzah, and affix it to their door, or for them to pick up, whatever their preference and COVID-19 protocol. Thanks for your help in making this happen.


There have been many varied customs observed through the ages to bring

blessings to a new home. They include housewarming with bread and salt, proudly displaying Torah and Jewish books, placing a charity box in a prominent place in the home.

First and foremost, we welcome Hashem into our home and declare and establish it a proud Jewish home by gracing it’s doorway with a mezuzah scroll.

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