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 Purchase a Mezuzah:  The Mezuzah symbolizes G-d’s protection and presence in one’s life. A small scroll with the words of the Shema inscribed, it is placed on the doorframe of one’s home, framing its inhabitants with a deeper awareness and appreciation for the Divine. Buy a Mezuzah, and transform your home into an abode, protected and infused with a message of G-ds unconditional love and closeness.

Because Mezuzahs must be made according to very exact laws and specifications, only an expert can determine if a Mezuzah is kosher.

 Some basics The Mezuzah must be hand-written by a competent scribe on specially prepared parchment with the specific types of quill and ink mandated by tradition.  All too often, printed or improperly prepared Mezuzahs—or even empty Mezuzah cases—are fraudulently sold. So make sure to purchase your Mezuzahs from a trusted religious source.

If you need a Mezuzah scroll and/or a Mezuzah cover/case, fill out the form below, and we will get them to you within two weeks. Price of Mezuzot fluctuate depending on size, handwriting quality of the scribe and the manner in which they were written.

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